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Welcome to Ken’s Journey, a website I have created for friends and family to see how I am doing, read the latest published stories I have written, and learn more about this fatal disease. As you look through these pages, I want you to not look at the end results of my disease, but watch my battles as I try to change the outlook of the world, and its beliefs pertaining to the disease, and remember the fighter that I have always been, and will continue to be.


When I was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), I had a choice to make…either sit in my house feeling sorry for myself, or remain the same and enjoy the life I have left. I chose the latter. I do not intend to make light of my disease, or any of us that belong to "The Club no one wants into”, just want to share so others can learn more about the disease.


If you never knew me personally, I hope you enjoy some of the levity and humor that I spread throughout these pages.



Ken and Glenda 

One day, not long after I told my 12 year old son, Kenny Jr (a true Jr if I have ever seen one), that I had ALS, he was visiting me for a long weekend. I went to bed earlier than him; I was still working at the time; the last I knew he was sitting up, playing xBox 360, a birthday gift. I had woken up to go to work at 5:30 in the morning, and a piece of paper was folded over, sitting on the counter, with “dad” scrawled out in Kenny’s Dr looking hand-writing. I opened the paper up and read the following. I LOST it. I was crying my eyes out.


 I called in sick for work that day, and spent it with my son, my hero. He has taught me more in his short 12 years of life than all the classes and all the instructors have ever taught me.


It has been changed a little from the original, but if it doesn’t jerk a tear or two from your eyes, let me know.


This was his tribute to me:




My Father, the Hero


My father is a hero,

not because he saved people's lives

as an EMT

not because he rescued people

as a firefighter.

Not because he protected people

as a safety engineer

My father is a hero because he is fighting

for his life, fighting ALS

-- Kenny Patterson Jr




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